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Starting up

Ok so hi- blog post number 2- i need to start training myself to get into a routine of posting on here.

Wanted to give you the quick version of why i am on here. I help run a small business with my family and in my spare time I have set up a new business incorporating my textiles degree- finally!!!

Now i have started a business were I offer a bespoke design service- all my products are handmade and personalised to each individual person. My main focus is wreaths. I visit America a lot especially Florida ( bit of a Disney freak) in America wreaths are a whole other ball game. They are designed for any season or event. Can be used all year round and are made out of anything and everything. Back in the UK – not so much. Here in the UK we tend to see wreaths around Christmas time, made from natural conifer and pinescones, lotus heads etc usually hung on the front door or placed on a loved ones grave.

Thats about it though….


Early this year I began developing a range of wreaths that made them an all year round product. Halloween, Easter, MOthers Day, Valentines. They are a keepsake and a permenant feature of your home.


To see a little more about what i mean click here to visit my website-   it is still being constantly updated  but it gives you the general idea of what im talking about

Hope you like


Nikki xx


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