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Just where do i put an indoor wreath?

Just where do i put an indoor wreath?

Order just completed for Halloween. These wreaths are all destined for a flower shop not far from me. I have had quite a number of people ask me where they would place one of these wreaths. Being made of ribbon and of a delicate nature these wreaths are best placed indoors. Now going back to what I have said in past posts, most wreaths here in the UK are made from natural materials and are hung on a front door or placed on a grave at Christmas.

My indoor range of wreaths has therefor raised the question many times as to where you would hang one?

So I am going to compile a list of places in the home where you can hang your indoor ribbon wreath- if anyone comes up with some new and unique places and ideas then please share 🙂

Idea no 1- Displays in shops. The Halloween wreaths are going as part of a window display for Halloween, and then can also be purchased from the shop. They create a unique bright display in any shop window. Even if you do not have a shop they create a fun and spooky effect in your windows at home.

Keep a look out for more hints and tips on decorating!!




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