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Hang it on a door

Hang it on a door

Ok so after my last post I mentioned about how I am going to look at various ways to decorate using a ribbon wreath. I have used my own images from inside my home so you can get a real feel of how it could look.

This first idea can be used in multiple rooms inside the home. From kitchens to bedrooms and Bathrooms to Dining rooms. Indoor ribbon wreaths can make any door fit in with the theme you or event you are celebrating. So it’s not just a front door that has to be decorated up- Just think of how many doors you have in your home. Each one is a blank canvas ready to be decorated. Especially if you turn your home into a winter wonderland at Christmas.

For Halloween, place one on the inside of a bathroom door, it can make a unique spooky suprise when a friend or guest pops round.

Also if anyone else thinks of unique places to hang wreaths please comment!




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