Dont Drop

Dont Drop

Hi everyone – well the cheer comp went well, I managed a second place in solos and the team came third! Was shattered by the end of it.

We have just finished designing the outdoor wreaths ready for Christmas-you can check out the funky themes we have this year on my facebook page

We decided to go for the traditional colours, red and gold but then to try some new colours- and they are very bright!

Remember if you are buying a wreath or even a christmas tree look for non drop trees/ conifer as they soon fall apart. Not somthing you want all over your lounge floor. Non drop last much longer and smell wonderful.




Wall Couture

Hi šŸ™‚

Hope everyone had a good Halloween? I went away for a few days, the calm before the storm. Christmas will be in full swing soon and for me it will be hectic. Not only do I create ribbon wreaths but also natural conifer wreaths and general planted containers. So plenty to do šŸ™‚

I have included an image which I took of wreaths placed on the wall on the stairs. Would you have them all matching? or maybe an ombre affect fading from one colour to another all the way up the stairs?

I am now taking orders for Ribbon wreaths so check out my website

Hope everyone has a nice weekend, I am off to a Cheerleading competition on Sunday so wish me luck! Il let you know how it goes.

Mix and Match Wreaths

Mix and Match Wreaths

Hi everyone.

I wanted to tell you a bit more about my products for Christmas. I have many different themes covering both traditional ideas and designs and also modern twists. This image shown is more a traditional theme named Candy Cane. Now my wreaths come as standard without a decoration in the middle giving people the chance to pick their own decoration and add it to their wreath. When people visit my website they can choose which wreath design they like for Ā£20 and then add on a decoration if they so wish. The decorations all vary in price but cost no more than Ā£4. These little knitted jumpers are my absolute favourite though! To see other wreath designs and mix and match decorations visit my website or just contact me to order one. All wreaths are made to order.



Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Hi everyone.

New design idea- I was looking around my house looking for a new place to hang a wreath. And i came across this mirror in the hallway. I then got to thinking of all the mirrors in my house and how festive and pretty they would look adorned with ribbon wreaths. And they also help to brighten up any hallway. Just think of how many mirrors you could decorate by doing this! Another nice place would be on a mirror if you have one above your fireplace. Especially if you cover the mantlepiece with an elaborate decorative trim with baubles and ribbons.




Sophisticated Halloween Party

spooky halowen

Hey everyone!

Ok so its nearly Halloween! All the scary movies are starting to come on TV and there are pumpkins in the stores. A lot of people will be starting to plan Halloween parties with spooky treats, nibbles and decorations. So I have complied this mood board to help get us in the mood and start thinking of some awesome things to help create a sophisticated yet spooky Halloween party.


1. Skeleton Wreath –

2.Haunted House Wallpaper-

3.Spooky Staircase-

4. Spider Hat-

5. Cupcake-

6. Haunted Wreath-

7. Haunted Wardrobe-

8. Grey Wallpaper-

9. Table Setting-

10. Party Food Table-

11. Coffin-

Less coats more wreaths!

Less coats more wreaths!

Hey everyone! hope you are all well.

My next decorating idea -coat hooks

Now this area in the hallway can look a bit untidy as it is normally covered with coats in all colours and sizes. Usually followed by a mountain of shoes underneath. So move the coats and hide the shoes and make the hallway more stylish ( and neat and tidy)

Also when its Christmas have artificial swags or have fairy lights trailing up the bannister to make it extra festive! I will make sure i post another photo of this when I have my hallway all decorated up for Christmas



Front door decor


Hi everyone again! šŸ™‚ hope your all well. The weeks are just flying by, Monday again tomorrow. I have been in the process of making an order of 15 ribbon wreaths for a garden centre next week. I am up to 10! It takes a while but it’s good to get my workstation set up and put a good film on too. Also in the middle of all my creating I am in a cheer dance team so I had practice for two and half hours today! So I am fairly shattered today!

Onto this though I thought I would add another photo for you to see of another place to hang an indoor wreath- On the other side of the front door.

So now you can have a wreath to decorate the outside of the door and the inside too. All keeping in theme with how you would have your christmas decorations inside. And it’s a cute way to make your front door look festive. Just add some garlands around your door frame.