Tag Time

Tag Time

Hi everyone! A little news from me!

All products from Paddenhall all now come with a gift tag. On one side some care instructions- very useful! Dont want those little ribbons all lobsided. Sometimes during transit etc some of the ribbons may become squashed or mis shaped. Simply reshape with your fingers untill you are happy with the way it looks.

It aslo has on the tag contact details and it also mentions about coming on to this blog for decorating hints and ideas ( hopefully you have found your way here!)

On the reverse side the tag is designed to suit the event or occasion for which it is intended. These are examples of Christmas and Halloween tags.

Also there is enough room to fill out the ‘To’ and ‘From’ when it is a gift for someone.

All tags are finished off with some coloured twine to hang it onto your wreath




Hang it on a door

Hang it on a door

Ok so after my last post I mentioned about how I am going to look at various ways to decorate using a ribbon wreath. I have used my own images from inside my home so you can get a real feel of how it could look.

This first idea can be used in multiple rooms inside the home. From kitchens to bedrooms and Bathrooms to Dining rooms. Indoor ribbon wreaths can make any door fit in with the theme you or event you are celebrating. So it’s not just a front door that has to be decorated up- Just think of how many doors you have in your home. Each one is a blank canvas ready to be decorated. Especially if you turn your home into a winter wonderland at Christmas.

For Halloween, place one on the inside of a bathroom door, it can make a unique spooky suprise when a friend or guest pops round.

Also if anyone else thinks of unique places to hang wreaths please comment!



Just where do i put an indoor wreath?

Just where do i put an indoor wreath?

Order just completed for Halloween. These wreaths are all destined for a flower shop not far from me. I have had quite a number of people ask me where they would place one of these wreaths. Being made of ribbon and of a delicate nature these wreaths are best placed indoors. Now going back to what I have said in past posts, most wreaths here in the UK are made from natural materials and are hung on a front door or placed on a grave at Christmas.

My indoor range of wreaths has therefor raised the question many times as to where you would hang one?

So I am going to compile a list of places in the home where you can hang your indoor ribbon wreath- if anyone comes up with some new and unique places and ideas then please share 🙂

Idea no 1- Displays in shops. The Halloween wreaths are going as part of a window display for Halloween, and then can also be purchased from the shop. They create a unique bright display in any shop window. Even if you do not have a shop they create a fun and spooky effect in your windows at home.

Keep a look out for more hints and tips on decorating!!



Wreaths are not just for Christmas- Halloween??

Wreaths are not just for Christmas- Halloween??

Looking at other seasons I realised there were so many that can actually be celebrated. Halloween seems to be getting bigger over here in the UK. Now if anyone from the UK has been to America over the Halloween season they will prob have seen how big it is over there. Some people go all out. And why not? its a chance to get your creative side out and dress up and be whoever you want to be. Investopedia quotes ” This year it is estimated that Americans will spend $8 billion on Halloween” Spending their money on costumes, candy, cards and decorations. Now halloween doesnt have to be tacky and dripping fake blood everywhere. Some people have come up with really unique ideas to get into the spirit of Halloween. Going along these lines I have designed a range of Halloween wreaths which are designed to be hung in your proch or inside your home.Perfect for those who are looking for something a bit different and a unique way to decorate your home for Halloween.

Starting up

Ok so hi- blog post number 2- i need to start training myself to get into a routine of posting on here.

Wanted to give you the quick version of why i am on here. I help run a small business with my family and in my spare time I have set up a new business incorporating my textiles degree- finally!!!

Now i have started a business were I offer a bespoke design service- all my products are handmade and personalised to each individual person. My main focus is wreaths. I visit America a lot especially Florida ( bit of a Disney freak) in America wreaths are a whole other ball game. They are designed for any season or event. Can be used all year round and are made out of anything and everything. Back in the UK – not so much. Here in the UK we tend to see wreaths around Christmas time, made from natural conifer and pinescones, lotus heads etc usually hung on the front door or placed on a loved ones grave.

Thats about it though….


Early this year I began developing a range of wreaths that made them an all year round product. Halloween, Easter, MOthers Day, Valentines. They are a keepsake and a permenant feature of your home.


To see a little more about what i mean click here to visit my website-   it is still being constantly updated  but it gives you the general idea of what im talking about

Hope you like


Nikki xx