Sophisticated Halloween Party

spooky halowen

Hey everyone!

Ok so its nearly Halloween! All the scary movies are starting to come on TV and there are pumpkins in the stores. A lot of people will be starting to plan Halloween parties with spooky treats, nibbles and decorations. So I have complied this mood board to help get us in the mood and start thinking of some awesome things to help create a sophisticated yet spooky Halloween party.


1. Skeleton Wreath –

2.Haunted House Wallpaper-

3.Spooky Staircase-

4. Spider Hat-

5. Cupcake-

6. Haunted Wreath-

7. Haunted Wardrobe-

8. Grey Wallpaper-

9. Table Setting-

10. Party Food Table-

11. Coffin-


Wreaths are not just for Christmas- Halloween??

Wreaths are not just for Christmas- Halloween??

Looking at other seasons I realised there were so many that can actually be celebrated. Halloween seems to be getting bigger over here in the UK. Now if anyone from the UK has been to America over the Halloween season they will prob have seen how big it is over there. Some people go all out. And why not? its a chance to get your creative side out and dress up and be whoever you want to be. Investopedia quotes ” This year it is estimated that Americans will spend $8 billion on Halloween” Spending their money on costumes, candy, cards and decorations. Now halloween doesnt have to be tacky and dripping fake blood everywhere. Some people have come up with really unique ideas to get into the spirit of Halloween. Going along these lines I have designed a range of Halloween wreaths which are designed to be hung in your proch or inside your home.Perfect for those who are looking for something a bit different and a unique way to decorate your home for Halloween.